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2024 Social Media Holiday Calendar - Small Business Marketing Ideas

No idea what to post? Leaning into holidays to market your small business is a great way to stir up some inspiration. Here’s a 2024 social media holiday calendar with a few ideas sprinkled in for marketing your small business.

P.S. - I'm going to update this blog on a quarterly basis with new content ideas. So make sure to check back!


January 1. New Year’s Day #NewYearsDay

  • Share your business goals for the new year.

  • Share your wins for 2023 and thank your audience.

  • Lean into resolutions and show how your business can help.

January 3. International Mind-Body Wellness Day #MindBodyWellnessDay

  • If you operate in the health/wellness industry, this one’s a no-brainer! You can share tips on increasing your health and wellness while positioning your service or product as a helping hand.

  • Start a challenge with your audience!

January 4. National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay

  • Share a little-known fact about your industry or business and quiz your audience on it.

January 15. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday of January) #MLKDay

  • Please, for the love of god, DO NOT just post a quote. Instead, try suggesting how your business is embodying service.

January 17. Ditch Your Resolution Day #DitchYourResolutionDay

  • You can air on the side of caution or encouragement with this one. You can encourage your audience to keep up with their resolutions or position your business as the devil on their shoulder.


Black History Month #BlackHistoryMonth

  • Instead of sharing the standard graphic, try highlighting black businesses in your community or the products you offer that are created by Black women or men.

February 7. National Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay

  • Create some cheeky downloadable cards with your logo!

February 11. Super Bowl LVI #SBLV #SuperBowlSunday #SuperBowl

  • Either you're "pro-football" or "no football." Either way, lean into that!

February 13. Galentine’s Day #Galentines

  • Events, ideas to celebrate, gifts - there are so many ideas here!

February 14. Valentine's Day #ValentinesDay

  • Position your business as a great way to celebrate or show appreciation to a loved one.


Women’s History Month #WomensHistoryMonth

  • I want you to take the same vibe you used for Black History Month into this one, too. Try interviewing women who inspire you and use that content for social media, blogs, email, etc.

March 1. World Compliment Day #WorldComplimentDay

  • Compliment your audience!

March 1. National Employee Appreciation Day #EmployeeAppreciationDay

  • Show your team some love! This would be a great chance to kick off a team intro series.

March 8. International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange

  • Show how you're supporting women in your community or industry. And if you're a woman-owned business, don't be afraid to show how you're trailblazing in your industry.

March 10. International Day of Awesomeness #IDOA #DayOfAwesomeness

  • Go ahead, tell your customers how awesome they are.

March 15. World Sleep Day #WorldSleepDay

  • Health and wellness peeps: here's your chance to show off how you can help with sleep!

March 17. St. Patrick's Day #StPatricksDay

  • Please stray away from the generic post and only lean into this if it meshes with your small business.

March 18. Global Recycling Day #GlobalRecyclingDay

  • Gen Z is all about environmental responsibility. So, show off how your business is making a difference!

March 20. International Day of Happiness #InternationalDayofHappiness

  • This is an easy one. Create some content around what pain point your business satisfies.

March 20. World Storytelling Day #WorldStorytellingDay

  • Share your business's origin story.

March 20. First Day of Spring #FirstDayofSpring

  • Time to shift into that "warm weather" mindset. Share some teasers for new products or services. And if you don't have anything coming through the pipeline, refresh something old.

March 21. World Poetry Day #WorldPoetryDay

  • Create a poem about your business that shows appreciation to your customers.










Kayla Stinnett is a self-described chef, gin lover, and rambling woman. With over eight years in the marketing world, she’s the CEO of Iron City Social, HBIC at Quake Plus Size, and Managing Partner + CMO of Stargazer Brewing Company.


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