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Content Buckets | Your Secret Weapon for Social Media

Struggling to find inspiration when it comes to social media marketing? You’re not alone. Even as marketers, we struggle with creating content for ourselves and our clients. But we’d like to challenge you to change your mindset regarding social media. Instead of starting from scratch with your social media content, develop “content buckets.”

Think of content buckets as categories for your social media marketing efforts, each speaking to the mission and vision of your business. And these categories relate to all different parts of your business as content you can use to convert your audience. Here are a few examples of content buckets for social media marketing.


Think of entertaining content as something that captures your audience’s attention. Let’s take TikTok for example. The success of this social media platform is because of a plethora of content that entertains users. Think of a viral sound or dance that you’ve really enjoyed. Why did you enjoy it? It wasn’t necessarily trying to sell you something but was entertaining. For your business, think of funny memes, viral dances, sounds, or obscure holidays that you can use to show a lighter side of your business.


Another type of content bucket includes inspirational quotes, testimonials, videos, and more. Inspirational content is something that evokes emotion in your audience. It pulls at their heartstrings and humanizes your business. But if you plan on sharing inspirational content, make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re sharing. Posting quotes and testimonials are one thing but sharing more personal content is another.


Effective social media marketing is all about being conversational. But it’s not only your tone of voice. It’s creating content that encourages your audience to join the conversation! Remember - your followers want to be listened to, not just talked at. So instead of just telling your audience about a new product, service, or industry news, encourage them to join the conversation. Try asking a question, inviting them to vote on a poll, or asking them to fill in a blank. Plus, social media platforms love this type of engagement!


Do you know what really sells your audience? Being an expert in your field! Educational content helps build trust with your followers and shows that you really know your stuff. Try using and re-using blog posts with different calls to action (CTAs) to check out the links. Answering FAQs, providing tips and tricks, and video tutorials are all great forms of educational content.


You should create all social media content with one goal in mind - to connect with your audience. Authenticity is the key to connection, so try approaching this content bucket from a personal level. Remember - people buy from people. So don’t be afraid to share your origin story, speak to the pain points your business is solving, or show some behind-the-scenes action.


And last but not least - promote your business! We put this one last for a reason. A good rule of thumb is one promotional post for every four posts you make. That means somewhere between 20% to 25% should promote your product or service. Think about it - if you're constantly “salesy,” it will turn your audience off. But when you develop a relationship with your followers, they’ll be more receptive to attending an event, buying a product, or taking advantage of a service.

Now, some of these content buckets will crossover. But keep them in mind, and your social media content well will never run dry. Did we spark some ideas for your next social media post? Let us know at or leave a comment.


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