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5 Marketing Tools I Love

Updated: Apr 15

I’m a woman who wears many hats. I’m an entrepreneur, small business owner, activist, friend, and girlfriend. So you can imagine that with all that and managing a portfolio of clients, my life needs a little more order than the average Joe's.

That’s why I rely heavily on all marketing tools to help me keep it all together. And now, I’m gifting that list to you! Here are six marketing tools that I love:

Social Media Marketing Tool: Later

Think of Later as your all-in-one social media scheduler. We love Later because it’s perfect for scheduling posts on all the major social media platforms and offers tools for analytics and engagement. Trust us - we’ve tried all the social schedulers out there, and not only is Later the richest with features, but they’re also coming out with new tools every day!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. They’re also on top of the latest trends and new features for social media!

Marketing Education: Newsletter Subscriptions

Okay, so this one isn’t as much of a “tool” as it is a resource, but I love subscribing to a few witty and meaty newsletters like Cole’s Sticky Notes and Hailey at Highrise. I love these publications because they take a fun approach to honing your marketing skills and keeping up to date on everything marketing.

Pro Tip: The point here is to find something that makes learning about marketing fun! So, do your research and subscribe to newsletters that will keep you engaged.

Workflow Management: ClickUp

We’ve only scratched the surface of ClickUp and are head over heels for this all-in-one productivity tool. They’ve coined themselves “one app to replace them all” with over 1,000+ integrations. We use ClickUp as our workflow management tool and keep a running to-do list for clients and internal operations at Iron City Social.

Pro Tip: Consider this your virtual to-do list that’s easy to share and segment among multiple businesses.

Graphic Design Tool: Canva

Whether you’re new to graphic design or a veteran, you’ll love Canva. It’s an easy-to-use, inexpensive design tool and offers a free option. We use it for all our small projects, including basic graphics for social media and presentations. We’ve even used it to edit Reels and video content!

Pro Tip: Want expertly designed graphics that you can easily edit? Ask a graphic designer to design in Canva! They should show you how to make the edits in Canva so you can create copy updates as needed.

Copywriting Tool: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I know this is a touchy subject for most, but I’ve been using AI to write marketing copy for months, and it’s been a helpful tool. I’m not saying that AI writes copy for my clients verbatim, but it can be beneficial if I feel stuck. For example, I have a brewery client who doesn’t always supply all the information I need for beer descriptions. Instead of hounding them for information, I ask AI to describe a beer with a list of hops and malts, and BAM - I have a rough description. From that, I can craft a description in their voice that correctly describes the beer.

Pro Tip: Remember, AI is an imperfect tool that should be used thoughtfully and ethically.


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