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4 Strategies to Kickstart Your Small Business Marketing

Let’s dispel this myth that there’s a “right” and a “wrong” time to start marketing, shall we? Kickstarting your marketing is essential to the success of your small business. And as a marketing expert who loves working with small businesses, I’m here to help. Here are four easy strategies to kickstart your marketing.

Ask your customers what they want.

This one is easy, but it’s not always obvious. When queuing up marketing strategies, asking your clients can be an easy way to craft an effective marketing strategy. What do your customers want? What do they need?

Asking these questions will not only give you essential information, but it’ll show them that you care, too. A business asking me how they can improve? Who would have thought?

Pro Tip: Try sending out an email with a short and sweet survey or posting on social media asking for comments. And a great way to get engagement is to attach a giveaway!

What’s your competition doing?

No, I’m not saying copy your competitors, but there’s a lot you can learn from them. Pay attention to your competition. What worked? What didn’t work? You’d be surprised, but this often sheds light on what your small business should be doing.

Pro Tip: As I said before, it’s not about copying your competition but learning from them.

Who are you, really?

Dogen Zenji said, “To know yourself is to forget yourself.” It’s a quote that’s often misunderstood but has critical implications when marketing your business. By knowing yourself, you forget the walls that separate you from others. And that’s the key to not only finding your customers but it’s essential when it comes to marketing your business. It’s about authentically speaking their language to present your product or service as a solution to their needs.

You can do this by touching base with yourself. What need do you solve? What pain point do you speak to? What are your strengths? How about your weaknesses? What does your small business stand for?

Pro Tip: Put on a pot of coffee or a kettle of tea and really sit with this. Think back over the last year and pour over your data. It’s tedious, but it’s essential!

Having a plan is everything.

What’s one of the first things I ask a client? Do you have a business plan? I always ask this because a business plan is everything, and I often use it to create a marketing plan. You see, a business plan is a roadmap to your small business’s success. It notes your mission, vision, goals, and detailed information about your business, product, and services. And by knowing that essential information, I can create a marketing plan that supports your goals and truly speaks to who you are as a small business owner.

Pro Tip: For guidance on creating your business plan, click here. You can click here for a blog about crafting a marketing plan and strategy.

Kayla Stinnett is a self-described chef, gin lover, and rambling woman. With over eight years in the marketing world, she’s the CEO of Iron City Social, HBIC at Quake Plus Size, and Managing Partner + CMO of Stargazer Brewing Company.


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