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Those Damn Deliverables: 5 Ways to Consistently Deliver

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

You may think we’re all strategic planning this and algorithm that, but under our chic “Digital

Marketing Mastermind” hats, you’ll find two overworked women juggling our work and home life while staying on top of all of those damn deliverables.

So, “how do you balance it all?” you may ask. In truth, not easily. However, we have gathered five tried and true ways to deliver in every aspect of life, especially your work life.

Let’s jump in!

Set & Speak Your Intentions

Setting daily intentions is a way to “pre-plan” your day. It's a promise you verbally make to yourself as you speak your intentions into the atmosphere. Once that intention is set and spoken, a switch goes off in your head that holds you accountable for seeing that intention through.

Plan. Plan. Plan!

We’ve all heard the saying, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That’s real y’all! After setting your daily intentions, make it a priority to plan out your goals for that day. Write down the top three things you want to accomplish that day and any steps you need to take to reach them.

Here’s an example...

Today I will:

1.) Finish my Client Onboarding Template

2.) Shoot the flat lay for client “X”

3.) Edit flat-lay photos

Give Yourself a Deadline

Once you plan out your goals, set deadlines for yourself to stay on track. When you put boundaries in place, you are more likely to manage that time better and be productive.

The most important part of this is being realistic yet firm when setting these boundaries. Once you’ve determined how much time you want to give to a task, set an alarm. If you don’t finish the task within the set deadline, move it to the next day's list of tasks and set it as a priority.

Put Ya’ Phone Down!

We can have the best intentions, all of our tasks written down, and deadlines set, but if we allow ourselves to be distracted, none of it matters. Close out all of those extra tabs on your computer and shut down all of the distracting apps on your phone, and get to work!

Easy peasy!

Know When To Say No

Don’t overload yourself! You will burn out trying to get everything done, then you’ll become resentful, unproductive, and super distracted. It’s true, we often feel like we can take on the world until the world comes knocking at our door looking for all those promises we made. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Learn how to say no!

Now, if a project or opportunity comes along that you want to take part in, be an adult, set realistic expectations around your involvement, and openly communicate those expectations. Above all else, know when to delegate. If you know you cannot complete a project within the set guidelines or timeline, hire someone who can! This will free up your workload so you can focus on that thing you love, and your business will not suffer.

Hope these tips help!

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