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Small Business Marketing Strategy: Let's plan for 2024!

Is 2024 the year you shake up your marketing? All signs point to yes! The marketing world has had major shakeups over the last few years. So, there has never been a better time to change things up when marketing your small business!

Remember, marketing is about standing out from the crowd while being true to yourself. Because as I always say, you can sell the same product or service, but what makes you stand out is your story. So, let your marketing be the essence of your story!

So, let’s jump into how exactly your small business marketing can help you stand out from the crowd!

Think B-I-G, but remember, as a small business, you can ball on a budget, too.

It’s time to let go of that small-town mindset and think BIG when marketing your small business. And keep in mind that I’m not referring to blowing your budget on marketing. Because, let’s be real, being a small business means being smart when spending money.

I’m talking about setting up a strategy for spending your money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on social media ads that are going nowhere, identify strategic partnerships with complementary businesses and influencers.

You can partner up with complementary businesses to sponsor events or organizations. You can even work together on giveaways or plan/host an event yourself! And the same mindset goes for influencers. Find influencers that can not only help you reach the audience you have but also grow your customer base!

Pro Tip: It’s not just about growing your audience but building a new customer base while nurturing the one you have, too! So make sure you’re going into these partnerships with a plan.

Find your brand voice. The real one, that is.

Be honest - have you ever even thought about what your small business sounds like? And I’m not just talking about social media. You need to think about email marketing, radio ads, and even conversations you have in your shop or website.

Your brand’s voice is a powerful tool. And the tone and message it conveys can make or break your small business. Spend time developing your mission, values, and brand voice so it’s seamless across your small business.

Pro Tip: Check out my blog, “Choosing Your Brand’s Voice,” for tips about developing your small business's brand voice by clicking here.

Focus on a few key marketing mediums, and make ‘em count.

Speaking of marketing mediums - it’s time to clean house. Instead of being on all social media platforms, email marketing, and everything in between, choose a few that work best for your audience.

Choosing the right medium for marketing your small business means showing up where your audience is. And that means knowing your clientele! Spend some time diving into the stats of your business and let that guide you.

Pro Tip: It starts with defining your clients or creating buyer personas. This blog is a great place to start:

Step into the world of video content.

Attention small business owners: it’s time to step into the world of video content. Now, I encourage you to think of video as a tool you can use instead of a tool that uses you because the essence of great video content is a video that speaks to your audience and shows off the essence of your business.

I encourage you to find a video formula you’re comfortable with instead of trying to fit into a “box” of what you think makes great video content. If you don’t want to be front and center in videos, find a way to use voiceovers instead. Don’t like the sound of your voice? Then, lean into trending sounds. And if you don’t think you have time for video content, lean into these tips and map out a schedule.

Pro Tip: Think smarter, not harder with this one. Perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to be consistent and authentic to your brand!

Kayla Stinnett is a self-described chef, gin lover, and rambling woman. With over eight years in the marketing world, she’s the CEO of Iron City Social, HBIC at Quake Plus Size, and Managing Partner + CMO of Stargazer Brewing Company.


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