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Spring Refresh: Four Tips for Refreshing Your Marketing

Be honest - when was the last time you took a look at that brochure you created back in 2010? And have you read your “About Me” on Instagram lately? I don’t blame you. Getting tied up in the ins and outs of owning a small business is easy. But it’s imperative that you refresh your marketing just like you refresh your home each year.

So let’s get on that spring refresh, shall we? Here are four tips for refreshing the marketing for your small business in 2023.

Make a List (And Check it Twice)

First, begin by listing all the digital and print assets you have in place. Digital platforms could include your website, social media profiles (don’t forget review sites), email marketing software, and more. Print (which is not dead, by the way) would include business cards, brochures, one-pagers, postcards, and more.

The point here is to get a running list of all marketing assets you have in place so you can vet the information on each asset and refresh the design where needed.

Pro Tip: Try creating a Google Spreadsheet that lists each marketing asset. Digital assets can be linked on the spreadsheet, while the digital files for the print assets can be linked too. Doing this will make the vetting process easier!

Google Yourself

This one seems simple, but just Google yourself. It’s a step that businesses often miss, but it’s just as important. Searching yourself online not only makes you aware of digital platforms you didn’t have, but it also gives insight into the public’s opinion of you online. Take note of platforms you have a presence on but may not have access to, and media mentions you may not have been aware of.

Pro Tip: Turn on incognito mode every time you do this. It prevents any data or browsing history associated with a particular browsing session from being stored on your device. That means that anyone else using your device won't be able to see which websites you visited or what you searched for in Google.

Check for Consistency

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - consistency is key. While you’re spring-cleaning your marketing, make sure you’re checking for consistency across your digital presence and print collateral. Is all your contact information the same? Does anything have outdated links? Is your brand messaging consistent across all your marketing?

Pro Tip: Remember that spreadsheet I mentioned? This will really help out as you’re checking for consistency! But before you begin, make sure you have all this information down pat. Begin getting the messaging, links, etc., solid on your website or main platform, and then go from there!

Test Your Links

I know I’ve mentioned testing your links before, but it goes beyond a broken link. Testing your links means checking the page for SEO in the content and the description, auditing link previews, and more. Programs like SEMRUSH make it easy, but you can always do it the old-fashioned way and vet your website one page at a time on the backend.


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