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An interview with our CEO, Kayla Stinnett.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Due to recent public health concerns, The Social Struggle has been postponed. But stay tuned! We'll be rescheduling as soon as it's safe to gather.

We sat down with our CEO & Digital Marketing Maven, Kayla Stinnett, to discuss our latest marketing workshop, the Social Struggle.

So how did this idea come about?

We've pitched to or consulted with several businesses in the area that can't afford a full-on marketing plan but still need help with social media. Now, we get it - owning a small business is HARD, and most of the time, marketing falls by the wayside. We wanted to create an affordable workshop that was hands-on and interactive that business owners and entrepreneurs would really benefit from. Hence, the Social Struggle.

Why is this workshop so important for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

There's a lot of noise out there regarding social media. What should a business do when Instagram hides likes? Is video the best form of content to reach your customers? How do you write engaging posts to keep your audience's attention? These are all questions that a simple web search will give you a million answers for.

But in a reality, being active on social media is very important for your business!

That's why businesses and entrepreneurs need this workshop. We'll cut through all the noise and identify trends and techniques to make your business shine on social media.

What makes this workshop different?

Everything about this workshop is different! We won't just sit around for two hours talking to you about social media - we'll be working with you! To start, we'll deep dive into top trends for 2020 regarding Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Then we'll show you how to work those trends into your marketing. You'll also have ample chance to ask questions specific to your business.

We'll also have a branding session where we instruct you on creating a voice for your brand via engaging content. The workshop includes a hands-on phone photography session where we instruct and show you how to take quality photos with your phone. And so much more!

What are you most looking forward to?

I love meeting new people, especially other small business owners! And I'm all about sharing knowledge - especially when it comes to marketing. Helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs is something I'm certainly looking forward to.

Plus, that mimosa bar. I mean, who doesn't love a mimosa?!

What can attendees expect?

Expect to have some fun! Really, we want this workshop to be as fun as it is educational. Attendees should expect to meet some great people, learn so much helpful info about social media marketing and branding, and leave feeling relieved!

Where can we get tickets?!

Great question! You can purchase your ticket at But hurry! We're limiting tickets, and they're going fast.


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