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Top Three Social Media Trends of 2020

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Instagram hiding likes or.....? ⁠

But seriously, we get it. There's a ton of noise out there regarding social media trends. ⁠ Let's cut through all that noise and hit the top three trends happening in social media.

To like or not.

Although that may be the question, soon, we may not have an option. The concept is still in the trial phase. However, going like-free is quickly becoming a reality as Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Italy, and most recently, the United States have all joined the club.

But Why?

We've all come across accounts with truly amazing content but few likes, as well as accounts with "questionable" content and a gazillion likes. In an effort to move away from popularizing posting just for likes, Instagram is going back to its original plan for the platform and encouraging authentic, creative, spontaneous storytelling through posts and stories.

Moral of the story: Stop worrying about how many likes you get and start telling your story!

Story Ads

How many times have you been sucked into a story on Instagram or Facebook, and BOOM, an ad pops up for that product or service you were just searching for? Just like that, you're on Planet Fitness' website so that you too can own a PF Black Card. Simply put, they work, end of the story. See what we did there?!

Story ads are highly effective for business owners and worth the time and energy it takes to learn how to create them.

Video Content

Although video is not a new concept on either of the big platforms, IGTV series are exploding. This longer-form content is a great way to give your audience a deeper look into you and your brand. With Instagram allowing landscape video content, you can now repurpose useful content used in blogs or on YouTube.

Short and simple, get in front or behind the camera and press record!

If you want to learn more about Social Media trends and how to apply them to your business, join us Sunday, March 22, 2020, for our Social Media Workshop: The Social Struggle. Click here for the details!**

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