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Feeling the Burn? Tips to Avoid Business Owner Burnout

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Your business is your baby. You thought of it, planned for it, and now you’re running it like a true boss. But when was the last time you took a break? When you love what you do, it may seem like you could work constantly and never get tired. But sometimes, a little time away can help you come back stronger!

At Iron City Social, we’ve learned a thing or two about self-care. Here are a few ways you can avoid burning out.

1. Delegate Tasks

This one might be easier said than done. You’re probably used to taking on everything yourself, making sure it’s your version of perfect. News flash - you don’t have to do it alone! If it fits your budget, grow your team and take some off your plate. With a bit of training, they’ll be seamless additions to your company that you’ll thank yourself for every day.

Can’t afford to hire a team? Try outsourcing some of your duties. You don’t have to be the accountant, marketing team, and everything in between for your business.

2. Set Boundaries

The rise and grind culture is dead, y’all. Now it’s all about prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries. Set dedicated work hours, so you’re not replying to emails at 1 AM. When you’re on vacation, be on vacation. Trust us, you answer one “quick” email, and before you know it, you’ve been your entire vacay all work and no play!

You see what we’re getting at here? Take that time off. Don’t be afraid to turn on “Do Not Disturb,” and by all means, take care of you!

3. Keep it Fun

Remember that feeling you had when you first started your business? Not the fear of failing but the joy of finally doing something you love. That’s what you need to focus on when things get tough! Remember the “why” behind your business and that you got into this because you love what you do. If you lose sight of your “why,” try looking back at your core values and mission statement. Or try sitting down and reflecting on where you started and how far you’ve come!

Y’all, we know being a business owner is hard, tough, and seems impossible - but you’re doing it! Keep your head high, take care of yourself, remember your “why,” and know that you’re not in this alone. We’re right there with you!


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