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The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes - An Interview With Ashley Gray

Welcome to "The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes.” Each month we sit down with a different guest to talk about all things life, business, and more. This month, we sat down with Ashley Monroe, the Brewed Black Girl. She’s a trailblazer in the craft beer scene, creating space for women of color.

Tell us more about you and The Brewed Black Girl.

Well, BrewedBlackGirl (BBG) is almost four now! Wow, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. I started BBG in Jan 2018 because my interest in craft beer was increasing, but I didn’t see many other women posting or talking about it, and I definitely didn’t see any BLACK women. It started with me just posting about the different beers I was drinking at the time. Then people began reaching out to me for suggestions for them or their friends, and 3 yrs later, I’ve been able to brew three beers I’m proud of in collaboration with Cahaba Brewing and TrimTab Brewing. With those beers, I’ve provided 12 Level 1 Cicerone scholarships to womxn around the country, and I plan to do more. I’ve learned that many black people don’t have the opportunity or access that can help advance them in this career field, so I want to do my part to change that.

What's been the most challenging thing about starting as an influencer?

Being taken seriously. I know what I’m talking about, and just because I take posed photos with beer shouldn’t discredit that.

What are your plans to grow your brand?

I plan to get my LLC and sponsor more people with resources to Cicerone studying labels. I also plan on having tastings that help people discover how certain beers should taste and what kinds of off-flavors they should look out for.

Have you worked with any businesses? If so, how did that process go?

I’ve worked with Stow Cooler, DrinkTanks, Cahaba Brewing, and City Brew Tours Bham, to name a few. The processes and communication went smoothly, and they were very upfront about what they needed. I hope to work with more prominent brands in the future.

How can brands better work with influencers?

Reach out and don’t always expect content for free. Some do post things in exchange for products but don’t assume that will be the standard.

You can follow along and support Ashley by liking her Facebook page or by following her on Instagram.


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