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Six of Our Favorite Marketing Resources

Marketing moves fast - and as marketers, we have to move even faster. That’s why we work with a suite of digital tools and educational resources that make social media marketing a breeze. Here’s a list of our resources for marketing education and content!


Think of Later as your all-in-one social media scheduler. We love Later because it’s perfect for scheduling posts on all the major social media platforms and offers tools for analytics and engagement. Trust us - we’ve tried all the social schedulers out there, and not only is Later the richest with features, but they’re also coming out with new tools every day!

P.S. - Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. They’re also on top of the latest trends and new features for social media!


We’ve only scratched the surface of ClickUp and are head over heels for this all-in-one productivity tool. They’ve coined themselves as “one app to replace them all” with over 1,000+ integrations. We use ClickUp as our workflow management tool and keep a running to-do list for clients and internal operations at Iron City Social.


Whether you’re new to graphic design or a veteran, you’ll love Canva. It’s an easy-to-use design tool that’s inexpensive and offers a free option. We use it for all our small projects, including basic graphics for social media and presentations. We’ve even used it to edit Reels and video content!

P.S. Want expertly designed graphics that you can easily edit? Ask a graphic designer to design in Canva! They should show you how to make the edits in Canva so you can make copy updates as needed.

Hayley at Highrise

We love getting updates to our inbox. Why? Because it makes it easy to absorb information as we’re reading through emails. That’s why we love Hayley at Highrise! She sends out an easily digestible newsletter that dives into the week's top marketing news, interviews with marketing experts, and more. Plus, the newsletter itself is a modernly designed treasure!

Cole | Sticky Notes

Cole’s Sticky Notes newsletter doesn’t dive into the top social media marketing trends or even top marketing news. No - it’s a straightforward look at marketing through everyday life and what companies are doing. Think of Sticky Notes as a casual, entertaining way to hone your copywriting skills and get inspiration from other players in the industry.

Social Minds

Social Minds is a podcast focused on interviewing the brightest minds in marketing. They release episodes bi-weekly - one that’s a quick rundown of what’s happening in marketing and one that’s either an interview with a marketing expert or a deep dive into a current trend. We love their “Social in Six” episodes, which provide a quick breakdown of what’s happening in marketing that week.


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