Finding Your Audience

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Think about a brand that you love. One that really stands out and no matter what, you are loyal to that brand.

Now, think about how you came across that brand. Was it on social media? Word of mouth? How about a billboard? Or maybe an advertisement on Hulu, Public TV, or Spotify?

No matter how you came across the brand, the important thing is that they reached you. They created a message, product, and experience that spoke to you and locked you in as a loyal customer. 

As business owners, it's vital that we not only be able to identify our target market, but find customers via the marketing channels and mediums that are most effective. In the next installment of our DIY Marketer Series: Finding Your Audience, we'll show you not only how to segment your audience but find them as well. 

In this Masterclass, we:

How to define your target market and audience.

What tools to use.

And how to create a message that converts!

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