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The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes - An Interview With Soapy Jones

Welcome to “The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes.” Each month we sit down with a different guest to talk about all things life, business, and more. This month we sat down with serial entrepreneur, Soapy Jones. She’s a powerhouse and someone we’re proud to call a part of the Iron City Social family. Get to know Soapy and her plans for the new year!

Tell us more about you and Soapy Jones! What's your passion? What inspired all of your different ventures?

I believe life is a collection of experiences - moments in time that fill the senses and wake up our wonder. I think some experiences have a lasting effect on our physical health and well being. Those are the thoughts I pour into Left Hand Soap Co. - natural goodness for your natural greatness. Other experiences open our minds and souls. I pour those moments into the Pink Box Burlesque and my music projects, like The Prize Inside. And, some experiences are about connecting and sharing space. With Brass Tack Events, I love being able to orchestrate the moving parts of an experience that fosters community - to listen to the rhythm of a crowd and meet the needs as they come to life.

Each of these ventures fosters skills that I share with other organizations I respect, too, like the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network, Invisible Histories Project and Iron City Social! These relationships bring opportunities to connect to people who inspire me and challenge my expectations. Every day is a new adventure.

You always seem to have something going on! How do you juggle it all?

I definitely don’t do it alone. I am always part of a team to whom I am of service. Many of us have worked together for more than a decade, and we are all invested in the success of everyone involved. I could never do it alone. Just thinking about it makes me cackle. My team members hold me accountable and give me the opportunity to earn their trust and respect by honoring their needs and skills. We build amazing things, and, because of our collective effort, we all rise together. They’re my family.

Day-to-day, my calendar is the rockstar around here. It holds the when, so I can prioritize the how. I document everything. I compartmentalize and organize everything so it’s easy to find when I need it. It’s not always tidy, but it always makes sense to me. I need to focus on multiple things every day. It’s what makes my brain thrive. I’m neurodivergent. I’ve learned that leaning into my brain’s natural processes is my path to success, so I build systems to support and sooth it. I hustle and work hard to generate the environment in which I thrive because the alternative is a life in which I don’t live well. My passions weave really nicely into each other really. I can’t imagine choosing one over the others. They’re all part of me.

What's the one piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs?

The best bit of advice I ever received is that no one is going to care about your business as much as you do - ever. They can’t. It’s your job to champion your work - to value the quality of the product or service you provide. When you find that thing that moves you to share it with the world, love it first. Then let the world see that love. Your light will draw your customers or clients and make them long-term relationships. And…if you love it that much you’ll forgive yourself for your mistakes and focus on how to improve. Your passion will carry you through late nights and uncertain times - it’ll motivate you to find creative solutions and foster positive partnerships.

Any big plans for 2022?

Oh, yes. Always. The last two years have been about surviving and finding ways to support the survival of others. This year, we’re ready to thrive again. We want to pour our energy into strengthening relationships and supporting our communities. We have new LHSCo products on the horizon - keep an eye out for Spring announcements! We’re celebrating the 15th season of the Pink Box Burlesque with new shows and new collaborations! The Prize Inside is working on new material and I have some musical side projects I’m excited to dive into. My event coordination company, Brass Tack Events, has stepped back from the Historic Drish House, our home venue for the last 5 years, and out into the wild to expand our range across the state, and that calendar is filling up for 2022 and 2023 already! It’s onward and upward from here!

Since Soapy is the epitome of an entrepreneur, we’ve linked several of her businesses and ventures below. Make sure to check em’ out and support her!

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