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The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes - An Interview with Mary Fehr

Welcome to “The DIY Marketer | Behind the Scenes.” Each month we sit down with a different guest to talk about all things life, business, and more. This month, we had a chat with Mary Fehr. She’s a maverick when it comes to photography, and we’ve worked together to provide our clients with stellar photography.

Tell me more of what it’s like to be Mary Fehr.

I’m Mary Fehr. I’m a full-time wedding and commercial photographer based in Birmingham, AL. I grew up in Vestavia and now live in Glen Iris with my fiancé, our dog, and four cats. In 2016 I graduated from the University of Montevallo, where I studied art and art history. I love traveling, Monday mornings, and quiet places. I’m a hopeless romantic, selfie advocate, and cat lady. I don’t like coffee, but I love hot chocolate and dessert! I love getting to meet new people through photography and telling their stories.

I spend most of my days working from my studio in Forest Park, photographing portraits and business branding and weddings almost every weekend.

My free time is spent with my fiancé, Clint, and our pets. We recently bought a historic home in Glen Iris and have had a really fun time learning more about its history and making it our own.

What opportunities do you have coming up that you’re most excited about?

Every year I try to go to a workshop or retreat to keep my creativity up. Next May, I will be traveling to southern France for a workshop that I am really excited about!

What advice do you have for businesses when choosing a photographer?

Have a clear idea of your project, your needs, and your budget. What kinds of products are you photographing, how Many images and what they’ll be used for (social media, web, billboards?), and a budget with a little flexibility. Every shoot can be different based on these factors. Make sure the photographer you hire has a portfolio that you like and a personality that you enjoy too!

Any quick photography tips?

If you need quick photos, the best advice I can give you is to invest in a ring light that will help to provide consistent light to your images or go outside! If you do choose to go outside for photos, avoid the hours around noon and direct noon, as that gives the harsh shadows and brights that we want to avoid.

To learn more about Mary, just you can visit her website by clicking here or follow her on Instagram.


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