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3 Things Every Successful Business Uses in Their Marketing

We get asked all the time, “What makes a business successful?” Sure, you need a solid product or service, a rockstar team, and a mission and vision to drive your business. But when it comes to marketing, there is a secret to the sauce. That’s why we’re dishing out three things every successful business does when it comes to marketing.

The Three C’s of Content Creation - Consistently, Creativity, and Curiosity

We know this is technically three different things, but it’s important to learn this mantra when it comes to content marketing. Think of “content” as any digital asset you create for your business, such as videos, graphics, infographics, etc. And, when it comes to content creation, it’s important to remember “The Three C’s” - consistency, creativity, and curiosity.

Creating consistent content is imperative when it comes to marketing. If you’re going to show up on social media three times a week - stick to that. Not only will it help you develop a better relationship with your audience, but it will also help you stay on track. While being creative about the content, you’re creating will keep your audience engaged and wanting more! Think about it - if you create a blog, you can turn that into a video, and then into a series of posts, and then….well, you get it, right? You should also make sure to leverage new features on social platforms! An example would be using Instagram’s Reels to introduce your team, show a day in the life, etc. And last but not least - curiosity. Always be curious about what your competitors are doing, new features on platforms, and new marketing strategies and mediums you can use to reach, engage, and convert your audience!

Marketing Strategy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - it’s all about the strategy, baby! A marketing strategy sets a wonderful foundation for your business. It not only notes key marketing players but sets goals for your marketing efforts, a SWOT analysis, a budget, and a roadmap to how you’ll use chosen marketing mediums to reach, engage, and convert your audience.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to a marketing strategy? Then check out a free template on how to build your marketing strategy here.

Track Your Results

How can you know your efforts are successful if you’re not tracking your results? Keeping track of your return on investment (ROI) when it comes to marketing is imperative. We’ll tell a little story to put this into perspective.

Once, we had a client that had spent over $20,000 on billboard advertising in the span of just a few months. When we asked, “Well, did you get any leads from the billboard” his response was no. You see, he hadn’t implemented a way to track the leads (such as a landing page, QR code, etc.), so he couldn’t track his ROI. It’s like he spent $20,000 for the sake of spending $20,000. And y’all, that’s just not the vibe when it comes to marketing.

So whatever your marketing medium or strategy, you need to figure out a way to track its success. Try attaching a QR code, landing page, or coupon to certain marketing efforts; or, if you’re promoting a specific product or service, just track the sales. And if you’re trying something to grow your audience or engagement, try monitoring the success through the backend of the social media platform. For example, did that TikTok really grow your audience, or did that video on LinkedIn receive more engagement than a static post?

Follow these three small but mighty tips, and your business is sure to see success when it comes to marketing. Need more help? Reach us at or (256) 648 - 3210.

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